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About Stephanie

About Stephanie


I am a journalist,  teacher and Past Life Regression Therapist trained by Dolores Cannon in Quantum Healing TechniqueTM, as well as with Doreen Virtue as an Angel Intuitive.

I live and work in Wiltshire UK, regularly seeing clients who travel from all over Europe and the UK to have a Regression with me, as well as travelling to other countries in Europe to give Regressions there.

Over several years I have extensively researched and documented all aspects of Past life Regression and Reincarnation and I now teach about some of my discoveries in Workshops and at Conferences.

In 2012, I was a Speaker at Ozark Mountain Publishing’s Transformation Conference in London, where I spoke about Slavery and Human Trafficking and the effects on the Divine Feminine and Our Earth from the perspective of Karma and Reincarnation.

In 2011, I was a Speaker at ‘The Big Shift’ alongside Dolores Cannon and Hazel Newton in London, where I spoke about Forgiveness in terms of identifying our Soul Intentions and moving out of the cycle of Karma and into your Dharma.

I also worked alongside Dolores Cannon and Ozark Mountain Publishing as marketing and Public Relations manager from 2011 – 2012.

Originally from Australia, I have since lived in 5 different countries, travelled through many others, but felt called to make the UK my home, with my husband and our three children several years ago.


I always say that there are infinite paths that lead the people who come to see me for a Regression and Healing Session to my door.

After regressing many people and finding myself endlessly fascinated by the stories I hear, the confidences people share and choices they have made, I have found that there is one question that everyone, without exception, always asks, regardless of the circumstances or situations which have lead them to come and see me.  Most often it is at the top of the list but if not, then it is close to the top and usually related to every other question that they wish to ask.

That question, of course is, ‘What is my Life’s Purpose?’

This is not a question that is only asked by people who choose to have a session with a Past Life Regression Therapist.  This is the question that has been asked by most human beings since they were able to form a sentence, or possibly even before.

It is closely related to other questions, such as, ‘What is the Meaning of Life?’ ‘Why am I here?,’  as well as ‘Who am I?’.

And just as billions of humans throughout time have asked these questions, there as almost as many different answers to these questions as well as a multitude of ways of finding the answers.

This is the question I began to ask myself when I was around 13 when I was introduced to the concept of reincarnation and the idea that I had lived before in a book containing the channeled material of Silver Birch through and English medium in the 1930s.  although I had always had past life recall – hazy memories and an awareness that I had been here before, it made such sense to me when it was spelled out that it marked the beginning of a life-long passion to try to make sense of my world by studying this hard to research subject.

Reading and researching are what come natural to me and this helped me to make sense of the feeling that I had been here before and was something that I intuitively knew was deeply connected to why I was back again.  In the years that followed my awakening, I was introduced to spiritual healing and found it easy to allow this energy to flow through me.  I loved the connection I felt to Spirit which was becoming more and more real to me.  I began to read everything I could get my hands on regarding reincarnation, although thirty years ago, this was challenging.  What information I could find confirmed for me what I already instinctively knew: that we come back time and again to create, to learn and to love.  I had been given what I considered to be the answers in that book, but it left me wanting more.

Although I was born in Australia but I used to ask when we would go back to England. I knew I had been there before and would return one day.

My family visited the UK on a holiday when I was nine and every time we stopped somewhere, I would be excited to think this could be the place where I could remember.

Years went by and as happens with everyone, I found many things to distract myself with; I married, had children and traveled the world before finally settling here in the UK (where I know is home for me) and at last truly listened to the voice of my own Higher Self calling me to do the work I came here, in this lifetime to do.  Although I loved spiritual healing, I chose a career in media and journalism.

I continued my journey of self-discovery and by reading everything I could find about reincarnation and past lives.  Since my early explorations, many more books had been published and there was now a wealth of information available.

One day, I ‘happened’ to pick up one of Dolores Cannon’s books and didn’t stop reading until I had read five of her books in quick succession. Dolores Cannon is the World’s foremost Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist.  She began her work, as many did back then, as a hypnotherapist working to help people to give up smoking or to lose weight.

After reading all those books, I was then very fortunate to join her on her Intensive Training Workshop afterwards to learn from Dolores her unique hypnosis technique which she uses not only to regress people but facilitate healing by enabling them to identify the often in explicable causes of many illnesses and to release them.

Dolores chose me to be her class demonstration and this regression had life-changing effects on me.

In this as well as subsequent spiritual exploration, I learned that I had been a teacher in several lifetimes and that I had also taught many languages and that I returned again and again to Britain and became a teacher, healer, Priestess and story teller.  In one of my lifetimes I helped to organise the path that the Grail would take as it went from village to village.

I would also help organise the gatherings at Solstice at Stonehenge. Village Elders would bring an ember from their own village hearths to these important meetings each year.  They would each add their embers together until a great fire was lit around which everyone would gather and share the stories from their villages that year.  The fire was then allowed to burn down once again to a single ember and from this one ember, each Elder lit their lanterns and brought the fire home to relight the village hearth and to share the story which was voted best of that year.

My understanding about my own soul’s path is now so much more full and complete.  This is something that every soul will eventually do as part of waking up and discovering who they really are.  I now know that I am a story teller, an alchemist.  My journey to discover my Soul’s path has lead me to discover my healing gift is to help others tell their own stories on what is now the new hearth, the global hearth: that of the internet and mass media.

My journey doesn’t stop with this discovery.  It continues, through eternity, in weaving with everyone I come into contact with into this rich, complex, indescribably beautiful complex tapestry of Creation.  Each one of their lives, along with all those I have ever known have woven through this masterpiece their own unique, magical, colour, without which even one that tapestry would be incomplete.

Although we no longer have the ritual gatherings in the same way at our sacred sites, we still have a village and it still has a hearth. Our village is the Global Village and the hearth we gather around is now our media and the internet.

Another thing that will never change is that we all have stories and these need to be shared. The thought behind it is the same. Sharing information means we can learn from one another and knowledge is always empowerment: the power to transform, to grow, to evolve.

As someone whose soul path is to be a story teller, it seemed natural to me to blend my training as a Regression Therapist with that of enabling others to share their stories.

Every time a client comes to see me, an integral part of the Session is the sharing of that person’s own story.

What if I could help to bring these stories out into the public for others to learn from?  What if, in the sharing of people’s stories, others could also learn and heal?

The Universal Mind is the place where all creation, energy and life itself comes from. Some call it Universal Consciousness, others, The Source. It is what some refer to as God.

Whatever name we choose to call it, each of us, at every level, has the ability to draw upon its power to communicate, learn and create.

Every living creature, in every corner of the Universe has a Consciousness and it is from this Universal Mind we are from and to which one day, we, having explored all possibilities, sought out all possible knowledge and understood everything there is to know, will return.

The purpose then, of the One Universal Mind website is to attempt to explore this Source of Infinite knowledge, join in unity with the One, the All in At-One-Ment.

This, then, this is My Story, and sharing it is part of my Life’s Purpose.  Being able to piece myself back together, bit by bit, making new discoveries, sharing it with others is how I express my own Soul’s story.  More than that though, it is about helping others to discover themselves by remembering their past, healing the present and creating their futures.


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